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Compiled by Jim and Nancy
We can trace our roots back to September 2,1838 when John Jones was born in a tiny Welsh fishing village called Aberaeron. The name of the town translates to "the mouth of the Aeron River" and is located where the river empties into Cardigan Bay.

John had one brother, David. All that we know about their parents is that their father, David Sr. was listed as a mariner. This seafaring family was famous throughout Wales for their talents in shipbuilding.

David Jr. was born in Wales in 1825, and remained there until his death on October 13, 1894. He is mentioned in several historical books about Aberaeron and is credited with building the ship Cadwgan in 1883 as well as the schooner Pleiades, nicknamed 'the greyhound of the seas.

David was married to Anne, who was born in 1827 and died on August 9, 1881. David and Anne had six children, Evan, Jenkin, Daniel, Ellen Grace, Sarah and William. Three of their Sons, Evan, Jenkin and William were all tragically drowned at sea. Captain Evan Jones and 1st Mate Jenkin Jones both went down with their ship The Madras on March 10, 1891. William drowned in October of 1899 while on a trip from Philadelphia to Havana.

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